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  • Do You Know How to Build a Solar Power Inverter? Date:2012-11-14 16:00:25 Click:287

    Power inverters are used to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). The most common power inverters are designed to convert 12 volt DC power to 110 volt AC power. ...

  • Online Ups Supplier Date:2012-11-13 17:19:45 Click:195

    The search of Online Ups provides you with lots of quality China ups suppliers having information and contact details to meet your needs. You can also earn business by finding Online Ups manufacturers & suppliers on the product directory and...

  • Santakups DC to AC power Inverters Date:2012-11-09 15:28:37 Click:152

    Santakups brings the next generation of inverter/charger to market, with the Solar Power Inverter, the heart of the XW System. The Solar Power Inverter is a true sine wave, Solar Inverter that incorporates a DC AC power inverter...

  • The best online ups supplier Date:2012-11-06 14:38:38 Click:237

    Welcome to Santakups Electronic Company.Our company holds specialization in manufacturing the finest quality of UPS like Offline UPS, Online UPS System. These UPS are widely appreciated among the clients for their high capacity...

  • Online UPS Manufacturers & Suppliers Date:2012-11-02 15:55:47 Click:224

    Online UPS are used to provide power back up for critical times and saves costly electrical equipment from electrical disturbance. These are very useful for sensitive equipment to maintain their performance and operation status. Indian Indus...

  • DC to AC Power Inverter Date:2012-10-31 15:32:51 Click:132

    Do you know DC AC Power Inverter? Now we will tell you the Guide of DC AC Power inverter....

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Date:2012-10-11 10:32:47 Click:258

    Welcome to SANTAKups,we offer uninterruptible power supply , also uninterruptible power source, or battery, is an electrical apparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically mains power, fails. As an...

  • China Sourcing Fair 2011(Spring Fair) Date:2012-09-14 09:52:16 Click:127

    China Sourcing Fair 2011(Spring Fair) 12-15th,2011 Booth No.9A16...

  • China Sourcing Fair 2010(Spring Fair) Date:2012-09-03 17:30:57 Click:122

    China Sourcing Fair 2010(Spring Fair)...

  • 2011 July World Universiade(Shenzhen ) Date:2012-08-29 19:09:02 Click:148

    2011 July World Universiade(Shenzhen ) we are the supplier that made power solutions to provide C6k online ups...



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