Schuko Standard Automatic Voltage Regulator 600VA/1.2KVA

Power Range:600VA/1200VA


Description:SANTAKUPS's Auotmatic Voltage Regulator(Also know as line conditioner) is an economic solution that provides protection to all your equipment against brownouts,surge suppressions and over-vltages.The quality AVR is the perfect solution to protect your investments.

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    • Home PCs        
    • Workstations        
    • Audio/Video Equipment        
    • TVs/DVD players/Sound systems        
    • Entertainment systems        
    • Other electronic equipments        
    • Small electronic domestics
    • Automatically changes and corrects the output volatge,carefully following the input voltage.                    
    • Visual indicators using 4 LEDS(Power/AVR/Surge/Overload)                    
    • Provides the user with the AVR functions status                    
    • Protectes telephone,Internet,DSL,and Fax/Modem                    
    • 120VAX or 220VAC(depending on the model)                    
    • 6 NEMA standard outlets  
    Model   AVR-500 AVR-600 AVR-800 AVR-1000 AVR-1200
    Capacity   500VA 600VA 800VA 1000VA 1200VA
    AC Input Normal Voltage 110/11 5/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
    Input Voltage Range 80VAC ~ 144VAC or 1 61VAC ~ 288VAC (-30%,+25%)
    Phase 1 Phase 2 Wires
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    AC Output Output Voltage Range 103VAC ~ 127VAC or 207VAC ~ 253VAC (+/-10%)
    Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Outlets AVR 6 Nema / 4Schuko
    Protection Network Surge
    Overload Manual Reset Circuit Switch
    Short Circuit Manual Reset Circuit Switch
    LED Power On/Off Green LED
    Output Cut Off Red LED
    Environmen Operating Temperature 0 ~40° C
    Relative Humidity 0 ~ 95%, Non-condensing
    Audible Noise < 40dB at 1 M
    Physical Dimension (D*W*H) 220*110*88mm
    Net Weight 1 .8Kgs 2.0Kgs 2.0Kgs 2.25Kgs 2.55Kgs
    Design, Manufacture, Services ISO 9001-2000
    Warranty 1 year