Castle Series LCD C1KVA-C3KVA

Power Range:1000VA-3000VA


Description:The Castle series On-line UPS is an advanced true double conversion On-line Topology,the Castle Isolated gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) for true isolation from AC input.Ideal for Data Centers in network and Industrial applications.Features scalable battery packs for those critical business systems that require long run times.

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    • Features
    • Specifications
    Server, Data center, Critical network devices, Sensitive electronic equipment, Telecom.
    • Power Factor: 0.8 PF
    • Sine-wave output: True sine-wave output with less than 3% THD.
    • Double Conversion Design: Zero transfer/ complete isolation of input AC.
    • UPS Monitoring Software: Powerful true RS232 communication via the enclosed software to manage and safely shutdown operating systems.
    • Network RJ45/11 protection: Complete powerful network and phone line surge protection.
    • AC Surge Suppressor: Powerful multi-stage surge components that exceed IEEE requirements.
    • SNMP Slot Option: Allows for remote monitoring and control via www.
    • Sleep Mode: Worry free battery management. The unit turns itself off after ten seconds to conserve battery power when no power needs are detected.
    • Battery level indicators: LED’s indicate battery levels.
    • Load Sensing: The incorporated LED load indicators allow IT professionals to manage backup time and balance power loads.
    • Low Battery indicators: The low battery level indicator will warn of eminent UPS shutdown two full minutes before unit shuts down.
    • Replace Battery indicators: A preventative measure that indicates when batteries must be replaced to prevent server crashes.
    High Frequency Online UPS Castle Series UPS 
    C1KVA/C1KS,C2KVA/C2KS,C3KVA/C3KS  1000VA~3000VA Specifications

    Rated Power 1000VA/700W 2000VA/1400W 3000VA/2100W
    Output Voltage  208VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC
    Voltage Waveform Pure Sine wave
    Crest Factor  3:01
    Output Frequency
    (Synchronized- Mains) 
    46~54Hz or 56Hz - 64Hz (Line mode)50/60HZ/ ±0.05Hz( Battery mode) 
    Regulation(Nominal)  ±1%
    Regulation (Battery mode)  ±1%
    Transfer time  0 ms; less than 4 ms from inverter to bypass and vice versa 
    Over current protection  Line Mode:10min@100%~130%;Battery Mode:30s@100%~130%
    Outlet  IEC*4/IEC*6/IEC*4+Terminal  
    Harmonic Distortion  ≤2%THD(Linear Load); ≤5%THD(Non-Linear Load)
    Nominal Voltage 160~300VAC@full load (110~300VAC@half load)
    Input Frequency  46~54Hz / 56~60Hz
    Efficiency  87% (AC mode)/83%(Battery Type)
    Noise Filtering  Full time EMI/RFI filtering
    Over current protection  by AC fuse or by re-settable over current   protector 
     AVR Range(2 Bucks,2 Boosts) Enhanced Buck: +15% of selected nominal voltage
    Buck mode: +5% of selected nominal voltage
    Boost mode: -5% of selected nominal voltage
    Enhanced Boost: -12.5% of selected nominal voltage
    Phase  Single phase with ground
    Battery type Sealed lead acid Battery
    Rated Charging Voltage 41.0Vdc / 81.9Vdc / 109.2Vdc
    Typical backup time >5min
    Charging method  Smart pulse charging with two charging modes.
    Quick charging when battery is not fully charged,
    trickle charging when battery is 90% fully charged.
    Charging current(MAX)  1.0A(C1KS-C3KS:4.0/8.0A)
    Protection Over current protection & Over charging voltage protection (SCR control)
    Thermal protection (CPU control)
    When temperature inside UPS is over 45℃, 
    charger will stop charging for 2.5 minutes followed by an 1.5 minutes charging.    
    The cycle will be repeated until the temperature is lower than 44℃.
    TemperatureCompension Yes
    Numbers of Batteries 3 8 8
    Optional Features
    ECO Mode Support
    CVCF Support
    PDU Support
    Remote Panel  Wired Type,Up to 100M Length
    Parallel Redundancy Up to 4 Units maxium(Option) 
    Environmental and Safety  
    Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃ (32℉ to 104℉)
    -15℃ to 55℃ (5℉ to 131℉)'
    Relative Humidity  20-90%(NON-CONDENSING)
    Operating Altitude 0 ~ 3000 meters
    Audible noise ≦50 dBA
    Safety Markings  BSMI CE
    EMC  Class B, EN50091-2, FCC part15, IEC1000-2-2
    Quality control system   ISO 9001:2000
    Noise Level  <55db@1 Meter
    LED Version  Load Level/Battery Level/Battery;Mode/AC Mode/Bypass Mode/Fault
    Battery Mode  Sounding every 4 seconds
    Low Battery Sounding every second
    Overload Sounding twice every  second
    Fault  Continously Sounding
    LCD Version Load/Battery/Input/Output/Operating;Mode Information
    Indicator Interface
    Smart RS-232 Software supports Windows Family.
    Sun Solaris,IBM Aix,Compaq True64,
    USB (Option) Windows Family& MAC
    Internal Slot(Option) SNMP/AS400 Relay Card/Rs485
    EPO(Option) Support Emergency Shutdown
    400*145*220 460*192*348 460*192*348
    N.W/G.W(kg)  1KVA:14 / 1KS:7 2KVA:34 / 2KS:13.5 3KVA:35 / 3KS:14
    Packing  Standard Packing,Export carton for each unit