Square Wave Home Inverter 1000VA-2000VA

Power Range:1000VA-2000VA

Type:Modify Sine Wave

Description:PG Series Power Inverter 1000va /2000VA LCD Display User selectable for accepting wider input voltage.Rack Tower design,high Frequency, off mode charging.

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    Mainly applied to solar system & wind turbine systems for  home and office Appliance
    • User selectable for accepting wider input voltage.
    • Rack Tower design., high Frequency, off mode charging.
    • Compact size for convenient use and storage.
    • Built-in from 10Amp/20Amp super charger up to 100Ah battery.
    • Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliances and office equipments.
    • Three - steps intelligent charging control to recharging time.
    Rated Capacity  500VA/300W  1000VA/600W  2000VA/1200W 
    Models  120V Models 230V Models 
    Nominal Voltage  110V/115V/120V Selectable  220V/230V/240V Selectable   
    Input Frequency 47Hz ~ 65Hz,  50/60Hz Auto-Sensing 
    Efficiency 95%(Normal Mode) 
    Noise Filtering  Full Time EMI/RFI Filtering 
    Over Current Protection  By Re-Settable Over Current Protector 
    Voltage Range  90 - 145VAC Or 170-280VAC ( Narrow Range )
    50-145VAC / 90-280VAC (Wide Range) 
    Surge Protection  324 Joules 
    Rated Power 500va/300w  1000VA/600W  2000VA/12000W 
    Output Voltage 100V/110V/115V/120V Selectable  220V/230V/240v selectable 
    Voltage Waveform Modified Sine Wave
    Crest Factor  3:01
    Output Frequency (Synchronized-Mains)  Auto Select For 50/60Hz 47Hz ~ 55Hz For 50Hz Nominal; 56Hz ~ 65Hz For 60Hz Nominal 
    Regulation(Battery Mode)  10% -18% 
    Transfer Time  15ms Typical 50ms Max 
    Protection  Over Load, Discharge, Overcharged 
    Battery Type  Lead-Acid 12V 25Ah  ~ 250Ah 
    Voltage  500VA/1000VA :DC12V ; 2000VA :DC24V 
    Backup Time  Depend On Battery 
    Charging Method  3 Steps Super Charge Mode 
    Charging Current  10A-20A Adjustable Charge Current
    Protection  Over Current Protection Over Charging Voltage Protection  (No More Than 15V) Deep Discharge,  Overload Protection 
    Communications & Management 
    Control Panel(LCD Indicator)  Input & Output Voltage, Battery Capacity,
    Load Capacity,  Frequency, Line Mode, Battery Mode 
    Audible Alarm  Low Battery  Sounding Every 2 Seconds 
    Overload  Sounding Every 0.5 Second 
    Fault  Continuously Sounding 
    Environment And Safety 
    Operating Environment  0~40 Degrees Centigrade, 0 - 90% Non Condensing 
    -15℃ To 55℃ (5℉ To 131℉) D39
    Operating Altitude  0 ~ 3000 Meters
    Audible Noise  ≦50dba 
    Safety Markings  CE.FCC
    Quality Control System  ISO 9001 
    Dimensions (H×D×W)  355*130*230mm 
    N.W/G.W(Kg)  1.6/2 (Kg) 2/2.3 (Kg)  2.2/2.6 (Kg) 
    Packing  6pcs/Carton